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Staurday Duel on pokerstars

just wanted to know if you play this heads up tourney?
what do you think about it and if you do play it do you make adjustment to your strategy when approaching this kind of heads up tourney?
U Cook Socks

It is Heads Up.

Nothing different about strat imo, just one game at a time, making + ev plays.

I played the first one (and the second - didn't cash) the standard wasn't great & will prob play again. Didn't need to make any adjustments at all, as Blazing said, it's heads-up.

IIRC the structure is pretty good, the only thing I don't like about these are the horrendous waits between games when you win in a couple of mins.

I wish they'd do a Sunday Duel version of this tournament as I'm rarely if ever in on a Saturday night to play it! With a bit of run-good, it's potentially a way for low stakes HU players to gain a huge boost in bankroll for a pretty small investment.

       Tagpoker Forum Forum Index -> Heads Up Poker Strategy
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